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Oby's Wisdom, A Caveman's Simple Guide to Holistic Health and Wellness

  • "This is the first holistic health and wellness book you should read!"

    "Turn your health inside out!" That's the core message of Oby's Wisdom! A Caveman's Simple Guide to Health and Well-being.

    The author, Dr. Mark William Cochran, was virtually crippled with chronic inflammatory arthritis for years and then transformed himself into a marathon runner. On the journey to his healing miracle he discovered something he never expected. A healing miracle is within reach of everybody. Yes, even you!

    The main character of this award winning book is Obsidian J. "Oby" Stone, whose simple and timeless wisdom cuts through the fog of today's healthcare drama and teaches you how to create the holistic mindset  and holistic lifestyle  that will lead you to a lifelong state of vibrant health.

    What you will learn from Oby's Wisdom:

    • How to empower your "Doctor Within" to create a life of vibrant health from the inside out
    • Why following today's conventional healthcare paradigm will continue to make you and your family less and less healthy
    • Why you are probably much more deeply entrenched in conventional medical thinking than you realize
    • How to break free of conventional thinking and create the clear, simple holistic health mindset that is the most important factor  in living a healthier life
    • The KEY to holistic nutrition: "The Most Important Nutrient," and how to make sure you're getting enough of it in your diet
    • The "First Rule of Fitness," and how it can improve your fitness whether you are a couch potato or an elite athlete
    • How to apply these holistic principles to raise healthy kids

    Special note to followers of the paleo diet (aka, caveman diet or primal diet): You will especially enjoy Oby's Wisdom! The ideas in the book will help you apply the same prehistoric wisdom to all other areas of your life.

    Special Bonus # 1: Oby's Wisdom includes a FREE Video Action Guide to help you design your own, year-long action plan for implementing the lessons of the book.

    Special Bonus # 2: Oby's Wisdom includes a FREE Reading Group Guide so that you can share and discuss the high points of the book with your reading group.

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