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Lightning Ridge Road

  • On a summer morning, nine-year-old Jamie Randall leaves his family’s motorhome. His parents are fighting. Again. Wandering up a hiking trail, he stops to play and collect crawfish in a creek feeding the Tenville River. He notices two people dumping trash down the creek’s embankment. But it’s not trash—it’s a body. Jamie drops the crawfish and runs.

    Hours later, when Jamie fails to return to camp for lunch, his frantic mother calls the police. The Sheriff, fearing the worst, contacts the FBI.

    Special Agents Tim McAndrews, Miguel Gonzales and their team are assigned to the case. During the search, McAndrews finds a woman’s body wrapped in a tarp beside the creek. Now, they have a homicide complicating the search for the lost boy. McAndrews believes Jamie witnessed the body dump and is in extreme danger.

    Adding urgency to finding Jamie, the National Weather Service issues an evacuation order for the river canyon as a massive thunderstorm threatens to inundate the river. McAndrews and Gonzales refuse to leave the search. If Jamie’s still alive, they can’t abandon the boy in the storm—alone and afraid.

    McAndrews and his team must find the boy before the killers do and the storm breaks.


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