A Brief History of the Silent Screen

  • A Brief History of the Silent Screen and the World at that Time is exactly that. On the left page is the history of the movies from 1824-1931. ON the right side the history of American culture at the same time. Younge readers who love movies, as well as those who grew up in the years of silent films, or lived with parents and grandparents who talked about that era, will be fascinated with the innovative time in American history that revolutionized our culture, Contrary to other books about the movie industry, Larry Telles, with clever labels, guides the reader through both American history and the history of the silent screen at the same time, allowing readers to experience both or only one if they prefer. 


    All books include a DVD of 51 silent screen video clips collected from the library of David Shepard, who has restored hundreds of silent films. David Drazin, a well-known Chicago piano player accompanies the clips.