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One of our late founders, Larry Telles, used to say that if you’ve taken the time to write a story, don’t let the pages just sit in the top drawer of your desk, waiting to be found by your grandkids after you’re gone, publish it for the world to see!

Our Publishing Process

So, if you have that story, send us a brief synopsis and the first two to three chapters (30 or so pages). Our board members will review that and depending on what we think, ask for the complete manuscript. We will then pair you with one of our approved, professional editors (editing fee negotiated separately). After your manuscript has been professionally edited and proofread, you will be assigned a mentor to help you with the interior layout and cover design (truth is, most people do judge a book by its cover), formatting for both print and ebook versions, and the remaining aspects of the publishing process all the way through to placing your book on Amazon and with the world’s largest print book distributor, Ingram, so it can be ordered by bookstores across the country.

Authors keep all rights and will receive net profits from book sales on a bi-annual basis.

In addition to being placed in Ingram’s catalogue and on Amazon, your book will also be featured on this website and you have the opportunity, if you are local to the Coeur d’Alene area or want to travel here, to participate in occasional book signings we sponsor. All other marketing will be done by you, which saves you marketing costs that many of the other publishing companies often charge with no promise of results.

So what is the cost of all this? For most manuscripts, $2500 covers the whole process plus the editing fee, which you will negotiate independently with one of our approved, professional editors and typically varies by length of manuscript and how many revisions are needed. Books that have a lot of graphics, photos, a complex layout or are over 500 pages may cost extra. A yearly fee of $75 will be charged to keep your book on our website and active in Ingram’s catalogue.

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