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211 Blue:The Story of the Chameleon Cop

  • An ill-planned pregnancy forces teenage Bill Ellis to confront the grim obstacles of adulthood, as he is thrust into a career as a police officer in order to support his rapidly-growing family. His passion for going to college and eventually becoming an actor and performer doesn’t mesh well with the politics and no-nonsense attitude of the cop world, so he flips the script. This true story of coming-of-age, which appeared as headlines in Southern California for years, unwinds with a robbery gone wrong, hostages taken, and a standoff with his so-called “brothers in blue.”       

    1960s and 1970s Southern California culture is at the core of the story, at a time when the nation was going through significant societal and cultural change. Delve into the story of Bill Ellis and the intrigue that formed around his incredible, inimitable life, which all began when a beautiful young girl snuck in through his bedroom window on a late night in 1959. 



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