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Justice Forbidden

  • What are the facts about memory? Are there false memories? Can memories be repressed and then remembered years later? This is one of the greatest controversies still raging in psychology today.

    Dr. Faythe Bradington, Clinical psychologist, is shocked to discover that an ex-client is suing her for implanting false memories of childhood sexual abuse. Faythe rushes to her office to read her files, but when she arrives she discovers a body in the waiting room. Now terrifies, she calls 911. The police attribute the death to domestic violence, but she is convinced the lawsuit and murder are related, especially when a shadowy man begins to stalk her.

    To make her situation worse, her insurance company insists she settle out of court. There will be no justice for her unless she can discover conclusive evidence of what really happened to her ex-client twenty-five years earlier. Are her ex-client's memories real? Were they imagined and/or implanted as she now claims? Or has she been lying all along?

    Determined to find the truth and clear her name, Faythe hires L.P. Sanborn, a private investigator, who unknown to her has psychic powers that become crucial in solving the case. As Faythe and L.P. probe into her ex-client's haunted past, they discover dark secrets so ominous that just knowing them will set off unstoppable deadly events.

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