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A Son’s Promise

  • A Son’s Promise, A Memoir of Perseverance from Liberia to America, is an inspiring true story of a young boy’s struggle to manhood and beyond, and his mother’s determination to give him a future he could only dream of in rural tribal Liberia. She sacrificed much of her own life in order to send him to St. Mary’s Catholic School in nearby Sanniquellie, to begin his education. In return she asked her young son to write of her agony and quest for children. This deeply moving memoir of hope, love, and overcoming, is the fulfillment of Marsilius’s promise to his mother.

    As the reader you will follow and become Marsilius as he lives his unique and engaging native cultural life, and history. Against all odds, he rises above the limiting beliefs of the ruling Americo-Liberians (descendants of freed American slaves) about tribal Africa. In 1990, during the Liberian civil war, Marsilius miraculously escapes Liberia, and seeks refuge in the United States of America.

    Since then, he has earned a Ph.D. in educational leadership and is now a successful teacher in Spokane, Washington. Marsilius works each day to empower and inspire young people to become all they can be and more. 

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