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A Path Beyond Post Traumatic Stress

  • Especially in this time of world unrest, mass shootings, hurricanes, and fires we need to know more about what happens to people experiencing trauma and how to help them.

    A Path Beyond Post Traumatic Stress is a compassionate look at people who suffer from trauma and a much-needed glimpse of hope, breaking the old myths surrounding Post Trauma Stress. It is the culmination of years of work as a psychotherapist specializing in PTSD as well as recent research. I am selling the e-book for less than a dollar so that all those who need it or are wanting to find out more for family, friends, or clients can do so. Even if you are merely interested in knowing more about dealing with Post Trauma Stress download it and read it. Please leave a review.

    It contains:
    1. A test to determine your stress level.
    2. Relevant information about stress after a trauma including history, symptoms, and recent research.
    3. Steps to recovery and resilience. This includes the latest recovery methods.
    4. Help for families including spouses, children, and friends.

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