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Anna Goodwin


Anna Goodwin is a former psychotherapist in private practice who specialized in trauma with children, adults, and families. In her career, she was also an assistant professor, national workshop presenter, and writer. Her first book was a coauthored text book with Barbara L. Boik on Sandplay Therapy: A Step by Step Manual for Psychotherapists of Diverse Orientations, published by WW Norton in 2000. It was also translated into Chinese and is still doing well.

She has 30 years of experience working with people who were severely traumatized from domestic violence, child abuse, natural disasters such as disease and forest fires, accidents, man-made disasters such as shootings and war. She received both regional and national grants and started the Montana statewide Prevent Child Abuse, and was state representative for the national program on Sexual Abuse.

At present she is retired, but writing both psychological mystery books as well as children's books to help kids learn to love and respect themselves, knowing they are very important even though they are little. Her husband, a past researcher for the USDA and Ms. Goodwin also supply educational material and hands-on projects with the children's book. She is also writing her father's story as a refugee escaping from the Soviet Union. It should be out in 2023.

To learn more about Anna visit her Website:

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