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J. Marsilius Flumo


Born to a mother and father of the native Mahn tribe in Nimba County, Liberia, J. Marsilius Flumo learned to grow rice and survive on the land. But his mother wanted much more for him. She sacrificed most of her earnings to send him to St. Mary’s Catholic School in Sanniquellie, Liberia. From there he went to the University of LIberia in Monrovia, where he struggled to get his education. At the completion of his Bachelor of Science degree, he received a Korean government scholarship. He studied in Korea and then finished his master’s degree at North Carolina A & T State University in the United States.


In June 1990, Marsilius fled his home country, Liberia, during the civil war, and took refuge in the United States. After a long struggle navigating the immigration system, he became a United States citizen in 2013, twenty-three years after arrival. At present, he holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership/Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University in Washington State, and is an educator with twenty-nine years of service in the public schools of America. He is a father of six children and is a recipient of the Spokane Bar Association’s Law Day USA Liberty Bell Award for community service.


His wish is that all students will understand that they too can overcome many adversities and be successful. He humbly gives all credit to his mother, his many mentors, and most of all, Wlah, (God), for his life and his accomplishments.

The book, A Son's Promise, has been featured in the November, 2023, American Foreign Service Journal. 
The book is of particular interest to the foreign affairs community. Check out the journal at the website:

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