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Mark William Cochran


"Turn your health inside out!"

That's the core message of Dr. Mark William Cochran, a holistic doctor who has traveled an amazing healing journey in his own life. For many years, the pain of inflammatory arthritis made it a painful challenge for him to climb just one flight of stairs. At age 47, Mark experienced a quantum shift in his health and at 49, ran his first marathon.

Dr. Mark's walk on the healing path has not only been physical, but also a journey of the soul. Of his many years in pain, Mark remembers, "I tried everything. And I've learned that what serves us best is simple. We are born with the most important and powerful healing gift: Life!"

Dr. Mark is a thought leader in today's healthcare arena, and brings a unique perspective to his writing.


Some of his thoughts:

"The 'Doctor Within' is the most successful doctor in history."

"We don't have a healthcare system. We have a disease industry."

"Germs are not the cause of disease."

"Healthcare today is not based on science."

"If you want healthy kids, let them get dirty."

"Colds are cool!"

Lovers of Nature and the great outdoors, Mark, his lovely wife, Cricket and their fuzzy feline companions, Magick and Angel, feel blessed to live, love, work and play amid the towering pines, majestic mountains and sparkling lakes of the Idaho panhandle.

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