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Meet Our Board

Bobby Wilhelm

PT, BSc, Biology

Bobby Wilhelm was born in Alaska, but raised in Post Falls, Idaho. With the guidance of his "gangster" grandfather Louis Critzer, Bobby learned the ropes to crime at an early age.


From connections with cocaine traffickers from Cuba and Colombia to friends from the Philadelphia Mafia, this soft spoken gentleman from a small town in Idaho rose through the ranks to become a high level drug kingpin.


His life included a brush with Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, a friend who was murdered by the Spokane Serial Killer Robert Yates, a former Aryan Brotherhood shotcaller that he helped escape from the Spokane county Jail, and many others. After 16 years in various prisons, and a last stint in the Idaho State Prison, he finally came face up with how destructive his drug dealing and cooking had become.


As his mind changed, so did his heart, and today he leads a legitimate life as a businessman. Redemption changed this "ex-convict" and he has been transformed into a solid, tax-paying citizen!

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